Podcast Episode: 003 Rob Barger, Spartan Krypteia and the Hurricane Heat

Epic Race Gear Podcast: 003


Our 3rd podcast covers the Spartan Endurance event called the Hurricane Heat. We talk to Rob Barger who is one of the leaders or Krypteia who are in charge of leading and managing these group endurance events. We cover the history of the event, what happens at a 4 or 12 hr event, and how to train and survive one. We go over how he got started with racing, and the origins of the Hurricane Heat. We talk about training for a 4 vs  12 hr event. What is a Cry-Fecta and how to actually count an 8-count body builder. Rob really believes that anyone barring a medical condition can complete a 4 hr event and really find something special about themselves and those around them.

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1:00:00 The beginning
2:30:00 Street Team
5:00:00 The 1st Hurricain Heat
7:00:00 The CRY-Fecta
9:00:00 4 vs 12
13:00:00 HH class 88
16:30:00 the 8 count body builder
22:00 Evolution of coach to Krypteia
24:00:00 Leading a HH
28:00:00 People who are Successful
30:40:00 How do you train for a HH
31:00:00 Where does the HH lead?
33:00:00 HH gear List
34:00:00 Hacky Sack
36:00:00 HH Evolving
37:00:00 HH Then vs Now
40:00:00 Dont start Rumors
41:30:00 more info
42:50:00 Don’t ask Questions!
46:00:00 New venues
46:50:00 Hawaii
48:00:00 Winter
video for gear list
12 hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcUfC-s_4yk
4 hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nUHpm5ORyM

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