Wreck Bag Video Training Review

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Wreck bag video Review

Wreck bag sandbag carry

I was first introduced to the Wreck Bag at a Civilian Military Combine race a few years ago. It was one of my favorite races and I loved the sand bag so much I bought 4 of them that same day after the race. This turned out to be a great investment as I still have them. they are well built and take a severe beating.┬áThe Wreck Bag is an amazing training tool for strength, conditioning, and grit training for Obstacle Course races. We use these exclusively at Mountain Strength CrossFit for our Spartan SGX OCR prep classes. The wreck bag is the size of a normal sandbag but it does not contain sand. It has a synthetic mesh cover and proprietary synthetic filler. This makes it perfect for training in all types of weather. Normal sandbags with sand filler are dusty and the weight will change if they get wet. The wreck bag’s weight does not change as much when wet. It is also more comfortable to train with as it is a bit softer material than the canvas sandbags.


Here are some of my favorite things to do with our Wreck Bags:

Strength: 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps each

  • Power Cleans
  • Ground to Shoulder
  • Squats (back squat, Zercher squats, Overhead squats)
  • Shoulder to overhead (press, Push press)
  • Lunges
  • Herc Hoist

Conditioning: 20+ mins

  • Walking Lunges
  • Hill climbs/runs
  • Dragging Bear Crawls
  • Throws
  • Squat Jumps

Grit Training: 60+ minutes

  • 3-5 mile hike
  • Junk Pile (move multiple sandbags 100m+ then back)
  • Hump training (farmers carry + sandbag on back)

The Wreck bag comes in weights ranging from 20# – 70#

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  • theodore jeveli says:

    Wreck bags are fantastic. We own a 25#, 35#, and a 45#. Very durable and incredible versatile training tool. I have been using them during my Mountain Strength Crossfit Personal Training program for over a year now. A great investment.

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