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Epic Training: A Comprehensive Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training

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With this book, I hope to bring the world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) to more people. And let them know that "Yes, you too, can do these crazy races!"


This book is meant to help remove any hesitation or fear of trying an obstacle course race, also called OCR for short. To give proper training advice and an insight into the many layers, distances and people who have conquered an OCR. Many people look at the race from the outside and see the things that they cannot do or are afraid of, such as climbing a rope. With good instruction and guidance these obstacles can conquered.

This book is meant to help athletes that have become bored with the same old running and fitness routine and may want something different. Something with more than one dimension to it. Obstacle Course Racing has many facets and I hope I can help transition a single sport athlete into this growing hybrid athlete sport.

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