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Meet Coach Rich

Coach Rich Borgatti lives in Massachusetts with his wife, two boys, and their dog.


As an early adopter of both CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Rich has been recognized as "one of the first OCR coaches in the world." 

Combining his expertise in Cross-Country Running, CrossFit, Mov Nat, Free Running, and Track and Field, Rich developed some of the first OCR training programs, workshops, and seminars.


Over the years, he has earned multiple certifications in endurance, strength and conditioning, and OCR, solidifying his reputation in the fitness community. Coach Rich has mentored athletes and gym owners looking to start their own OCR classes and courses.

Coach Rich has been featured on the Spartan website, on podcasts, in Men’s Health Magazine, and in the CrossFit Journal, sharing his insights on training athletes for OCR.


He has worked with hundreds of OCR athletes over the past decade, both in his gym and through leading Spartan World Tour fitness events.


In 2019, Spartan Races named him one of the top 10 OCR coaches in America, and his interview was featured in the inaugural Spartan Magazine in December 2020. Rich has successfully coached athletes ranging from complete novices to elite, podium-winning competitors.

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Work hard and overcome obstacles!

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